St. Genesius Patron Saint

Genesius Patron Saint of Actors and Comedians

St. Genesius Patron Saint of Performers
St. Genesius, also known by the names Gelasinus and Gelasius, was martyred in 303 AD by Emperor Diocletian. The circumstances surrounding his beheading were because Genesius converted on stage during a performance "against" Christianity. This outraged the Emperor who ordered to have him renounce his faith and give proper praise to the pagan gods. Genesius refused to do this, so he was beheaded.

Saint Genesius is the patron saint for actors, attorneys, comedians, clowns, converts, dancers, epileptics, lawyers, musicians, printers, torture victims, and stenographers. Most of his patronages center on those who perform.

St. Genesius is seen holding a couple of different items in pins, statues and pictures, such as a guitar, a cross with theater masks, or standing by a baptismal font. Some of the ceramic plaques available depict St. Genesius as holding a theater mask, a violin, and a sword, standing beside a baptismal font. All of these items are found within the actors, comedian, and musician industry.

Whose Patron is St. Genesius?

Patron Saint of Actors
Patron Saint of Attorneys
Patron Saint of Comedians
Patron Saint of Clowns
Patron Saint of Converts
Patron Saint of Dancers
Patron Saint of Epileptics
Patron Saint of Lawyers
Patron Saint of Musicians
Patron Saint of Printers
Patron Saint of Torture Victims
Patron Saint of Stenographers

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