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Medals of the church are more than coins or jewelry to commemorate a purpose. Religious medals not only commemorate people, places or events, but they also are used to commemorate the order of ideas or personal graces, such as a First Communion or divine attributes, or lessons of piety. The early church used medals and charms as a devotional symbol, such as the patron saint medallion or pendant.

St. Genesius was an actor/comedian during his time and was thought to have converted to Christianity during an anti-Christian play he was performing for Emperor Diocletian. The legend states that he heard angels during his performance and converted to Christianity right then and there, which enraged the Emperor and ordered Saint Genesius to renounce his faith. St. Genesius refused and was subsequently beheaded around 303AD, becoming a martyr for the Christian church.

St. Genesius of Rome has a few poses each with different items in the picture. For instance, one of the St. Genesius medals is a head shot with a cross, the words "actor" and "martyr" stamped on the medal, along with "St Genesius". There are also some medals that have "pray for us" engraved on it as well.

Some of the other poses attributed to Saint Genesius are of him standing with a staff and theater masks, or him standing with a staff next to a baptismal font. There are also statues available that come with a prayer card. A ceramic plaque has been made which pictures St. Genesius standing next to the baptismal font, holding a sword, theater mask and guitar.

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